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Major Railway Service Center Roof Replacement

2022 Sika Sarnafil Roofing Project of the Year- Major Railway Service Center

Project Overview

A severe storm with 3 to 4-inch hail caused extensive damage to a major railway service center. Target Solutions was brought in to provide a temporary coating to heavily damaged singly-ply roofing sections. Target worked collaboratively with the insurer, client, and consultants to develop a scope and ROM for the project.

Once the job started, Target began to remove and replace damaged roofing sections, as well as address other areas of damage to the property. The job involved several complexities. Most notably, the project was a high-traffic industrial site with train cars moving in and out of buildings, so Target built an infrastructure that allowed for the project to take place with minimal interruption to facility operations. Target simplified the job for all parties involved by repairing 10 individual buildings with their own warranties in only one project. This job was awarded the 2022 Sika Sarnafil Project of the Year.

Turnkey Services

  • Demolition & roof removal
  • Roof replacement
  • Reconstruction

Project Highlights

  • Removed 100,000 sq. ft. of 40mil PVC and replaced with 80mil of RhinoBonded Sarnafil S327
  • Retrofitted 240,000 sq. ft. of metal roofs with 80mil RhinoBonded Sarnafil S327
  • Removed and replaced 230,000 sq. ft. of R-panel wall panels on the north and west elevations of all buildings
  • Removed and replaced all gutters and downspouts
  • Removed and replaced all north and west overhead doors and man doors
  • Redesigned storm water retention/drainage system
  • Built new 50,000-square-foot lay-down yard
  • Rebuilt access road at the southeast end of the property