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Apartment Complex

The inside of a small apartment

Project Overview

A fire event caused extensive damage to a three-story apartment building. The affected units incurred extensive roofing, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and interior fire, water, and smoke damage. Target Solutions was recruited to perform full-service fire restoration services.

After arriving on site and surveying the damage, the Target team provided immediate mitigation by boarding up exposed areas of the building and placing emergency temporary fencing around the affected area. Damaged roof trusses, decking, and exterior components were promptly removed and replaced. Target personnel coordinated with an engineer to draw building plans to satisfy city code. Target also worked cooperatively with the city for code upgrades, including electrical and plumbing. Once these measures were in place, each affected unit was demoed down to the framing and the framing was then cleaned and encapsulated. New electrical lines, HVAC units, air handlers, ductwork, and plumbing were installed throughout the affected spaces. Each unit was then rebuilt from the framing out to include drywall, texture, paint, cabinetry, flooring, plumbing, and electrical fixtures.

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Project Highlights