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Gulf Coast Grocery Store

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Project Overview

In early August of 2017, a tropical depression moved across Mexico and developed into Hurricane Harvey. A large grocery store chain contacted Target requesting that we deploy equipment and personnel to begin shuttering stores in and around the Corpus Christi area. The Target team mobilized and sent out two 18-wheelers full of drying equipment, and 100 personnel over the next two days. The team worked along a huge span of the Texas coast from the store’s Kingsville location all the way up to Beaumont to shutter over 85 stores prior to Harvey’s landfall. Target continued to shutter stores after landfall as the storm made its way along the coast.

Once the storm events had concluded, Target was asked to assist two stores that had experienced major flooding damage in the Houston area. Both stores were holding over 5 feet of water and were littered with large quantities of rotting food products. Target Solutions was tasked with removing and disposing of all of the product and mitigating the flooding to address the current situation and prevent additional water damage. The team provided water removal, dehumidification, cleaning, and sanitization services. Mold issues were mild, but some mold removal was also required. The stores were serviced for approximately 5 weeks before work was complete. Additional stores that did not experience flooding required other services, including restoration from wind damage and minor water intrusion. In all, approximately 20-25 stores were serviced with mitigation efforts. All 85 stores that were shuttered were serviced by Target for the shutter removal process. Auxiliary items such as cart corrals, awnings, and other items that were taken down prior to the storm were replaced as they were initially found.

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