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Gulf Coast Hotels


In late August of 2020 Hurricane Laura made landfall along the Gulf Coast. Two hotels on the Louisiana coast experienced significant damage to their roofing systems. Target Solutions was called in to mitigate the situation at each location.

The first hotel lost a tower standing 2 stories above the roofline and had large sections of its Decra Stone-Coated Steel roof system blown off. Target removed broken framing and structural components, then framed up the roof line and decked over it. The team installed Ice and Water Shield to protect the building and keep the roof dry until it could be replaced. The carport where the tower fell was also demoed as it was an extreme safety hazard.
The second hotel had a 13 ton AC unit that was blown off the curb and rolled across the roof, causing widespread damage to the SPF roof system. Five small split AC units were also blown off mounts, causing related damage. Target Solutions brought in a crane to remove the damaged units from the five-story building. The team also installed a temporary 45mil TPO roof that was mechanically fastened to the deck. Target boarded up 25 windows that had been broken in the storm and patched over 100 holes in the EIFS siding created by flying debris.


  • Removal of broken framing and structural roofing components
  • Temporary roof repair
  • Structural demolition
  • Debris removal by crane
  • Boarding up of windows
  • Patching of holes in siding