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Our Areas of Expertise—Commercial Industries We Serve

Target Solutions understands the importance of educational facilities and their impact on local communities. Our services ensure that every school—from daycare facilities to major university campuses—recovers quickly and efficiently following any type of damage.

We are keenly aware of the financial loss associated with a disruption in service following disasters for hospitality businesses. We strive to minimize downtime and get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

We offer restoration, roofing, environmental and reconstruction services that focus on minimizing interruptions and getting essential healthcare facilities back up and running, ensuring communities continue receiving the vital care they need.

After a disaster, communities scramble to replenish essential resources. Retail facilities become critical in order for these areas to rebuild and revitalize their local economy. From shopping centers to grocery stores, we specialize in restoring your facilities and merchandise to their pre-loss state.

We know how important tenant safety is to property owners. However, fire, floods and disasters are unpredictable, making it important for property owners to be prepared. Target Solutions is your trusted restoration, roofing and disaster recovery partner for your residential multifamily property.

Residents expect timely aid and responses from government officials and facilities, so it is crucial for these sectors to have an emergency plan in place with a trusted disaster recovery partner. Our 24/7 response team is strategically placed to respond quickly.

Following water, fire or other catastrophic damage, Target Solutions takes on every project with cutting-edge technology, a sense of urgency and compassion. Our team, equipped with extensive knowledge and resources, strives to minimize downtime and help restore your ministry to its optimal operational state.

Industrial facilities are especially vulnerable to fire, water or chemical spill damage, and any halt in operations can be detrimental to business. From warehouses to large manufacturing facilities, Target Solutions is a trusted restoration, roofing and storm recovery partner of the industrial sector.

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