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Preparing your business for storm season

Storm season can be a stressful time for business owners. In addition to the potential damage to property, businesses must also worry about safety and customer service disruptions. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure that your business is storm ready. Consider some of the following tips developed by our disaster recovery specialists to prepare your commercial business for storm season:

Assess Your Property's Vulnerability

The first step in preparing your commercial business for storm season is to assess the vulnerability of your property. You’ll want to inspect your building structure and any outdoor equipment or furniture that could be damaged in a storm. This includes checking for any loose debris or objects that could become airborne during high winds and cause damage or injury. You should also inspect any windows and check their integrity as broken glass from strong winds can cause significant damage inside a building. Additionally, make sure you secure any outdoor signs or banners that could be ripped off in strong winds.

Partner with a reliable COMMERCIAL restoration provider

After a disaster, it’s crucial to get a professional to inspect, mitigate and restore damages as quickly as possible to prevent any further damage to your property. Securing a restoration partner before storm season ensures your business’s path to a quick and seamless recovery. Target Solutions offers comprehensive commercial restoration, roofing, environmental and reconstruction services to both restore and rebuild your property following any type of damage.

Create an Emergency Plan

Once you’ve assessed the risk of damage on your property, it’s time to create an emergency plan for severe weather events. The plan should include an evacuation procedure and a list of contact numbers for all employees, customers, vendors and other stakeholders who may need to be contacted in case of an emergency situation such as flooding or power outages. Target Solutions works with businesses nationwide to create emergency plans and MSAs (Master Service Agreements) with pre-negotiated pricing to expedite the recovery process following a disaster.

Secure Necessary Supplies

Having the right supplies on hand can help minimize damages during a storm and make it easier to clean up afterward. Make sure you have adequate quantities of sandbags, tarps, plastic sheeting, plywood, duct tape and other weatherproof materials that can be used for temporary repairs or to secure furniture and equipment. Additionally, stock up on non-perishable food items, bottled water, batteries, flashlights and other emergency supplies in case a storm event causes an extended power outage or other disruptions.

Update your Insurance Coverage

Finally, make sure you review your insurance coverage ahead of storm season so that you’re adequately covered if anything were to happen on your property due to inclement weather conditions. Make sure all new structures or changes made since last year are included in the policy and double-check with your insurance company that all deductibles are up-to-date as well as the limits on coverage amounts per incident or claim filed against the policyholder before filing an insurance claim after a severe weather event.

Storm season is an important time of year when businesses must take extra precautions to ensure their properties are adequately prepared for possible disasters caused by heavy rains, high winds and flooding. By assessing the vulnerability of your property, creating an emergency plan, securing necessary emergency supplies and updating your insurance coverage accordingly you can help protect yourself from costly damages caused by severe weather events. Taking these proactive steps will help keep your business safe during storm season so you can continue operations with minimal disruption!

Whether you have experienced water, fire, storm or any other form of property damage, our disaster response experts are available 24/7/365 to deploy at a moment’s notice. Contact us now for emergency support.