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HOW TO PREPARE your business for flooding

Flooding can cause serious damage to businesses, including financial losses and safety risks to employees and tenants. To prevent operational downtime and business interruption, commercial property owners should prepare in advance if they are located in a flood zone. Consider some of the following tips from our recovery specialists to prepare your property:


The first step in preparing your business for a potential flood event is creating an emergency plan. This should include evacuation plans, communication protocols and contact information for employees, stakeholders and emergency response partners. 


Once you have created an emergency plan, it’s important to ensure the equipment and documents necessary for the day-to-day operations of your business are protected. These items include computers, servers, storage devices and important documents, such as contracts, invoices, employee records and receipts. If possible, make digital copies. If digitizing documents isn’t an option, store them offsite or in a waterproof container at least two feet above ground level. It is also important to back up all electronic data regularly so that you can recover any lost information if needed.


If your business is located in an area prone to flooding, installing protective measures can help reduce the risk of flood damage. For example, installing sump pumps around foundation walls can help remove water from the building before it has time to cause significant interior damage. Additionally, installing sandbags around doorways or windows can help slow down the flow of floodwaters into the building as well as prevent them from entering through window wells or vents located close to ground level outside the building. Finally, having proper drainage systems installed around the property will help ensure that excess water is carried away from the building quickly before it has time to accumulate and cause problems inside.


Standard commercial insurance policies don’t often cover flood-related damages, so a separate insurance policy is essential if your property is prone to flooding. Take the time to understand your coverage and invest in a comprehensive insurance plan to protect your business against financial losses resulting from water damage


Giving yourself plenty of time to put your emergency plan into action and prepare for catastrophic events is vital to protecting your business, property and employees. Stay on top of news outlets and weather advisories & alerts to maximize your time and preparation efforts.

Whether you have experienced water, fire, storm or any other form of property damage, our disaster response experts are available to help with a 24/7/365 response time. Contact us now for emergency support.