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Hospital re-roof after extensive hail damage

Project Overview

A severe hail storm wreaked havoc on a community hospital. The storm brought 3-inch hail that blew out windows, causing water intrusion. The roof sustained extensive damage to approximately 70,000 sq. ft., resulting in leaks into the hospital rooms.

Target Solutions mobilized, and once on site, lifts were used to board up the windows. Extraction crews dried water damage from roof leaks and water intrusion around broken windows. Temporary repairs were made to the roof system. Affected floors were cleaned and sanitized in compliance with hospital safety standards. Target collaborated with the insurance adjuster to define the scope of work quickly and expedite the commencement of work well ahead of a normal timetable. This limited the interruption of normal operations at the hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

After immediate needs were addressed, repairs began. The team coordinated with hospital personnel to ensure the ongoing operation of the hospital during the repair process. The Target roofing and restoration teams worked in tandem to address roofing issues and minimize further water intrusion during the roof removal process. Equipment was left on site to utilize if any new needs were discovered during the duration of the job.

The entire roof system was replaced with a Sika-Sarnafil membrane. Internally, many ceiling tiles were replaced. Broken windows were replaced and interior repairs were made to address water damage from roof leaks and water exposure and debris from broken windows. Structure drying and dehumidification were performed using Hepa filters for decontamination of COVID and airborne contaminants like dust, which was crucial in the fragile hospital setting.

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