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Hail Damage to roof


Don’t let hail storms take you by surprise! Spring and summer months in the US can bring serious weather, including unexpected hailstorms. Even small stones can cause major damage to your commercial roof system without proper inspection and repair – leaving a gaping hole for interior damages, too. Have peace of mind knowing that Target Solutions is on standby, ready to inspect and quickly repair any potential issues, allowing you to quickly and seamlessly return to business.

For immediate assistance with severe weather and hail damage repairs, Call 877-741-9026.

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Emergency repair services: After A Severe Storm

The destruction inflicted by a hail storm can be devastating to homes and businesses, with any number of building materials suffering damage. Hail can cause significant damage to buildings, ranging from shattered windows and fractured siding to collapsing roofs. Aluminum fixtures may suffer dents or deformations when hailstones reach golf-ball size, while shingles might shift, roll up, or curl due to impact from bigger debris. Areas struck by extreme hail often encounter structural harm, resulting from the weight of accumulated particles on rooftops.To prevent water intrusion, it is essential that all areas impacted are immediately repaired following such storms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Target Solutions is the answer for when quick action matters – with 24/7 availability and pre-loaded fleets, our team of skilled responders will assess your needs then get to work fast. With just one call or request from you, we’ll be ready to go in no time!

Target Solutions highly recommends securing your property against further damage by enlisting a professional restoration contractor immediately after any hail damage. Your insurance company also encourages proactive steps to be taken, as leaving it too long can lead to additional issues.

The speed of roof restoration will depend on the magnitude and type of hail storm damages. Intense storms could require water damage mitigation measures, such as dedicated drying times for your structure & contents to ensure a successful process. After inspecting the site thoroughly, an exact timeline can be provided by your Target Representative.