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Hurricane & Tropical Storm damage restoration & recovery

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Target Solutions is here to weather the storm no matter when it strikes. Our 24/7 availability and quick action are essential for businesses exposed to destructive wind speeds above 73 MPH (hurricanes) or 74MPH (tropical storms). The aftermath of these powerful winds can lead to roofs caving in, and broken windows - but also water damage from heavy rainfall which presents a wide array of challenges that need addressing immediately. You can have peace of mind knowing Target Services will be there as your partner during difficult times and help you on the journey toward full recovery after a disaster has struck.

For immediate assistance with disaster recovery, Call 877-741-9026.

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The TARGET Difference

  • 24/7 monitoring and assessment of situations.

  • Ready-to-go fleet ready for deployment.

  • A reliable source of support and expertise in disaster rebuilding, recovery, and construction.

  • Top-of-the-line equipment and creative solutions.

  • Committed to upholding the safety standards set by OSHA as well as meeting any requirements set by local, state, and federal governments.

Major Storm Cleanup and Flood Damage Experts

Target Solutions is always prepared for its clients ahead of, during, and following a storm. Notifying clients of any possible danger their business could face as soon as a hurricane or tropical storm is forecasted, Target Solutions remains in contact with them even after the event has passed.

Target comprehends the urgency of helping companies restore their business to decrease any interruptions. In order to offer support to businesses in areas that are susceptible to hurricanes, Target Solutions has set up a presence and dependable collaborations along the Gulf and Atlantic Coastlines, Cabo San Lucas, and Puerto Rico.

Target Solutions has a 5-step process for recuperation from a hurricane or tropical storm: assessing the damage, restoring services, deploying personnel and equipment, repairing and rebuilding, and inspection for cleanliness and safety.

  • Respond to emergency calls from the 24-hour hotline
  • Assess the damages and create a scope of work that limits business interruption as much as possible
  • Clean up debris left behind by the storm
  • Mitigate wind and water damages
  • Restore business property to its pre-event state or better, on time and within budget

Frequently Asked Questions

Before a hurricane or tropical storm strikes, your business should follow weather updates and heed the warnings of local authorities. To protect assets and property, store important documents and equipment in safe places and cover windows if you can. Preparing for damage restoration from a hurricane early on is a wise idea. Talk to your disaster recovery company such as Target Solutions when creating your continuity plan. Signing an MSA will accelerate the recuperation process with the disaster recovery firm you trust.

Target Solutions is always available and works tirelessly to help restore your business after a disaster. Before the storm hits, our Internal Watch Team at Target monitors weather reports, which allows them to alert companies in the path of the storm and keep them up to date. With strategic partners spread across the U.S., Mexico, and Puerto Rico, Target can quickly deploy personnel and resources to begin recovery processes as soon as possible.

Insurance companies advise businesses to contact a commercial restoration company like Target Solutions right away after a hurricane or tropical storm in order to get an assessment and estimate of the damage. Prompt action with Target allows for a quicker start on the recovery process. Target Solutions will work alongside your insurance company for quick damage assessment and processing.