College Dorm Water Damage Restoration

Large tubes going throughout the halls of a college dorm

After a winter storm caused a fire sprinkler line to freeze and burst at a college dorm facility, Target Solutions was called in to assess the water damage to over 50 units across three floors.

Multi-Story Retail Space

Large pipes coming out of a building

Winter Storm Uri brought a severe freeze that caused a 1 inch fire suppression line to break on the third floor of a large retail space. The break released water into the space for approximately 6-8 hours. Between the three floors of the building, 90,000 square feet were affected. Target Solutions was called in when the damage was discovered. The resulting project was one of the largest water mitigation and dry-out jobs caused by the storm in the state of Texas.

Apartment Complex

A fire event resulting from a lit cigarette on the balcony of an apartment building affected 12 interior units of the three-story, 24-unit building. The affected units incurred extensive roofing, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and interior fire, water, and smoke damage. Target Solutions was recruited to perform full-service fire restoration services.

Gulf Coast Grocery Store

A man cleaning a sign

In early August of 2017, a tropical depression moved across Mexico and developed into Hurricane Harvey. A large grocery store chain contacted Target requesting that we deploy equipment and personnel to begin shuttering stores in and around the Corpus Christi area. The Target team mobilized and sent out two 18-wheelers full of drying equipment, and 100 personnel over the next two days.

Manufacturing Facility

A fire event resulting from a nitrogen bottle falling into molten metal at a factory in Troy, Texas caused extensive damage to nearly half of the 142,000 square-foot manufacturing building. The estimated damage was $5 million. Target was contacted to assess the damage and begin necessary repairs.