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Baptist Church


A spring hailstorm in the Waco area affected many downtown roofing systems. After discovering damage on several adjacent buildings, Target notified the administrative staff. Upon inspection, it was discovered that a local baptist church suffered a loss constituting the replacement of the entire roof assembly at the church and neighboring daycare facility. 

The Target Solutions team met with the insurance adjuster assigned to the claim, as well as building consultants, engineers, HVAC experts, and Electricians to determine the full extent of the damage.  Many of the church roofs were multiple-layered overlays, the result of decades of deferred maintenance and neglect.  Target successfully interfaced with the insurer to achieve an appropriate valuation to the roof system and began work. After removing the old assemblies, Target installed new code-compliant insulation, recovery board, and a 60mil Sika/Sarnafil PVC membrane roof system. Target also replaced the shingle roofs and oversaw the removal and upgrade of outdated HVAC systems and electrical components. Finally, Target managed the detaching and resetting of the new VRF HVAC system the church recently installed. The project was projected to take over 4 months, but Target completed the entire scope of work 30 days ahead of schedule. This project was awarded 2021 Sika Sarnafil Project of the Year.


  • Temporary damage mitigation to the single-ply roofs
  • Removal and replacement of all shingled roofs
  • Removal, code upgrade & replacement of all single-ply roofs
  • Detachment and reset of high-efficiency VRF system
  • HVAC upgrades
  • Electrical upgrades
  • Interior and exterior repairs addressing wind damage