Apartment Complex

A fire event resulting from a lit cigarette on the balcony of an apartment building affected 12 interior units of the three-story, 24-unit building. The affected units incurred extensive roofing, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and interior fire, water, and smoke damage. Target Solutions was recruited to perform full-service fire restoration services.

Gulf Coast Hotels

Construction workers working on the frame of a house.

In late August of 2020 Hurricane Laura made landfall along the Gulf Coast. Two hotels on the Louisiana coast experienced significant damage to their roofing systems. Target Solutions was called in to mitigate the situation at each location.

Gulf Coast Grocery Store

A man cleaning a sign

In early August of 2017, a tropical depression moved across Mexico and developed into Hurricane Harvey. A large grocery store chain contacted Target requesting that we deploy equipment and personnel to begin shuttering stores in and around the Corpus Christi area. The Target team mobilized and sent out two 18-wheelers full of drying equipment, and 100 personnel over the next two days.

Manufacturing Facility

A fire event resulting from a nitrogen bottle falling into molten metal at a factory in Troy, Texas caused extensive damage to nearly half of the 142,000 square-foot manufacturing building. The estimated damage was $5 million. Target was contacted to assess the damage and begin necessary repairs.

Community Hospital

A severe hail storm wreaked havoc on a community hospital. The storm brought 3-inch hail that blew out windows, causing water intrusion. The roof sustained extensive damage to approximately 70,000 sq. ft., resulting in leaks into the hospital rooms. Target Solutions mobilized and had dozens of employees on-site within the hour. 

Baptist Church

Columbus Avenue church roof complete

A spring hailstorm in the Waco area cause a local baptist church to replace the roofs of both the church and its daycare facility. The project was projected to take over 4 months, but Target completed the entire scope of work 30 days ahead of schedule. This project was awarded 2021 Sika Sarnafil Project of the Year.